Break it On Down: Goals to Tasks

Alright the last and final fifth task for you to do is to break down your goals into tasks. Now this may seem like a simple step but in actuality this can be quite a challenge. However, it may be in itself one of the most important challenges in you achieving your goals.

Many times we shy away from our goals because we are too overwhelmed at just the thought of how much work it may take or how much it may push us outside our comfort zone. Our gut reaction is procrastination and pretty soon that same goal is loitering around in our lives because we haven't faced it head on.

To help prevent procrastination, this Task 5 requires you to take the time to write out tasks. Look at each goal that you have and write down every single task that you know you need to complete in order to achieve your goal. Be as specific as possible. Go down to the smallest task you can think of. Every baby step. Write it down. Do this for all of your goals.

When you think you got a list of tasks ready, do it again. Look at your list again. Ask yourself, are these tasks broken down into the smallest chunks that I can create them to be? If not, keep working at it.

You may get tired of looking at this task list. But that's okay! It's best to do this on the front end. You want every task on that list to be bite sized baby steps that lessens the amount of intimidation power that it can give you. This will keep you motivated in the long run to keep going.

If you need help, of course let me know. And don't forget that there is a virtual session tonight, Friday, February 9 at 6:30pm CST to get help from me with any of the 4 tasks that was assigned this week.  I'm going to stay on for about an hour. You can come and go as you get the help you need. You'll get to see what this Zoom meeting room looks like, and you get to see my face live in person before everyone else :) 

We're almost ready to officially get started ladies! I'm excited. I'm praying that these next 12 weeks will be amazing in your progress to get these goals scratched off the list. I have a set of goals that I'm hoping to make progress in to so I will not be a spectator in this. I'll be right along with you! If I don't see you tonight, I'll see you at some point this weekend! Let's do it!