Are Your Goals Aligned with God's Will?

“If the enemy can’t get in front of you to stop you, he will get behind you and push you.” This was one of my favorite quotes and moments of clarity as I watched Pastor Mike’s message called Stride

Go faster! Do more! Reach for more! AIM FOR MORE! Be better! You're not doing enough! Go go go!

So many times we set goals because we pride ourselves on being a go getter and ambitious when really we’re pushing ourselves to do something out of the timing of God in order to accomplish something to make ourselves feel better, to make ourselves feel significant, to keep up with the Jones's, or to distract ourselves from what’s going on around us because we can’t figure out how to deal with. We end up stressed out, burnt out, broke financially, or broken emotionally because we allowed the enemy to get in our minds to make us believe we needed to do more than what God told us to do in this season of our lives.

I I CHALLENGE at some point before we begin to seek God in prayer to make sure that the SMART goals you have created are truly goals that God is in agreement with. Please don't make the mistake to allow pride to tell you that you don’t need to seek God to make sure your goals are in alignment to God's Will. You can’t expect God to bless you and give you the resources, results, and energy you need to achieve a goal that he hasn’t confirmed you should pursue.

"But God doesn't care about my goals" Who says? God cares about the number of hairs on your head. God cares about the birds getting enough to eat. God knew your life before you were even born. Why wouldn't God care about your goals? Anything that can take time away from the purpose and will that God has on your life is something that God will care about. 

I want you to carefully think for a moment and evaluate your own self.

Are you striving?

Are you pushing yourself harder than what you should be?

Are the goals that you have in alignment to God's Will for your life?

Is this goal more about glorifying yourself and making yourself feel better about yourself (maybe even tied to insecurities and self esteem issues) than it is following the Will of God?

Have you even ASKED God if he thinks you should pursue this goal?

Have you even given God a chance to answer you? (Please don't do a quick 5 min drive-by prayer saying telling God that if you don't get a sign in the next hour then you're good.)

Or maybe for you your goal is aligned to God's Will but it isn't aligned to his Timing. Is this the right time for you to pursue that God?

Have you even asked God if it is?

Are you doing more than what you're suppose to be doing to pursue that goal?

Perhaps your pace is faster than what God wanted for you to take. Do you need to slow down because you're rushing yourself?

All of those questions are meant to challenge your view on your goals. I want you to be successful as we take on the next 12 weeks. But I also want you to be intentional with this journey. That it is one that will benefit you in your purpose and walk with God. Take a moment to consider this before we move on. Feel free to express your thoughts in the chat. And again, please take a look at this sermon, Stride. It may bless you as much as it did for me.