Creating SMART Goals

Good afternoon ladies! You've written out your list of high priority basics, you've mapped them out of what it would look live over the course of the week, and have came up with a total amount of hours that you have left over dedicated to your goals. (If you haven't completed these steps yet, scroll through the GroupMe for details and instructions which normally have a little flower emoji next to it.)

So you're ready for the next step? Great! Let's begin by looking at your goals list. So pull that out now. If you haven't written it down yet, take this moment to do that.

Look at your list. These are the goals that you plan to reach within 12 weeks starting with next week being Week 1! You may have goals that you know there is no way possible you can complete in 12 weeks. If so, break it up to where you can complete a phase 1 of that goal in 12 weeks. Ask yourself, “Where would I like to be when it comes to progress of completing this goal 12 weeks from now?“ 

Now, rewrite your goal to be a SMART goal. SMART goals are:

-SPECIFIC so that you are detailed and extremely clear of what you’re trying to do.

-MEASURABLE meaning that you have factored in a way to tell that you’ve completed the goal

-ACHIEVABLE: meaning you’ve taken the time to be real with yourself that you have the capacity to do it

-RELEVANT: meaning that it is a priority for right now in your life and what you want to focus on right now

-TIMELY: meaning it is a goal that you can accomplish in 12 weeks

Here's an example of what one of my goals looked like at first: 

"Finish designing 1 track of TiWiK videos"

Eh it sounds like a good goal but it's not very specific (how do I define a track? and which track am I referring to?). It doesn't say by when I will finish the track and how I know I'm done with a track (Is it when I finish editing it? Am I done when I publish it online?). Am I sure that I can finish an entire track in 12 weeks (A track can be up to 16 videos.)? 

So I redid my goal to this:

"Edit and publish the 16 "Things I Wish I Knew in High School" videos into the TiWiK template and upload to YouTube by May 12th."

Ok getting a lot better now. It's much more specific of what I want to do. It tells me of when I know I have completed the goal and it has an end date. It is relevant as I am definitely behind on this goal and need to get it done to use for the volunteer work that I do for STS. But realistic is this considering the other goals I have and other responsibilities? I need to be real with myself here of if I really have the capacity to complete 16 videos. Maybe I need to work on this project in phases.

So now I have this goal:

"Edit and publish 6 "Things I Wish I Knew in High School" videos into the TiWiK template and upload to YouTube by May 12th."

Much better! If I break that goal down into SMART, it would look like this:

Specific: I know exactly how to finish this goal.

Measurable: I know that I have completed this goal once the 6 videos have been uploaded to YouTube.

Achievable: I knew that trying to edit and public 16 videos wasn't realistic so I dialed it back to 6 videos instead. I'll be sure to let my STS team know that I can only commit to deliver 6 videos at this time.

Relevant: This goal is relevant as I will use these videos in our STS Mentoring sessions to kick off discussions.

Timely: My deadline is May 12th.

This is how you revise your goals into SMART goals. This helps you in the long run so that you know exactly what you're trying to accomplish. As you can see this may take several drafts and that's okay. You want to get this right before you begin, so within this program you have today and Wednesday to work on this. Thursday, you will receive Task 4 which you'll have that day and Friday to complete it. Then Saturday/Sunday in our virtual meeting, we'll discuss your progress with all 4 tasks, what this process has been like for you so far, and plan out your Week 1. 

Please contact me if you need help or have questions! I'm here to help you! You don't have to publish anything. Just write it down and you're welcome to share with your group. Also if you'd like additional help there are 2 short 4 minute youtube videos that do a fairly good job at explaining what SMART goals are. Take a look here:

Again if you need help post it in the GroupMe chat. Myself and the other ladies in your group can help you!