Establishing a Balanced Foundation

Good morning everyone! This week, we are still in prework mode of our 12 week goal journey. This part of the prework circles around establishing a good foundation of balance before adding your goals.

Many people run themselves into the ground to achieve their goals and while this is praised in our society, from a mental and physical health standpoint, it’s not a good approach. It is really important that you keep a balance in your life which can help carry a peace on the journey towards your goals. What good is achieving a goal if everything else around you is in shambles as a result from tunnel visioning? This is why many people experience burnout and running out of energy to keep progressing with their goals, because they don't make time for these basics.

So to begin here’s your task:

Write down the high priority basics in your life and how much time it requires every week.

Here’s an example of a list:

  • Sleep - Time:? (how much time do you need to be alert and productive, not barely surviving in zombie mode)
  • Grocery shopping and cooking - Time:? (how much time does it take every week to make sure you eat HEALTHY every day)
  • Family/friends - Time:? (how much time a week is sufficient to you to spend quality time with them)
  • Prayer time with God/Attending church - Time:? (in your faith journey, how much time a week is spent with Him or are you even making God a prioirty to begin with?)
  • Rest - Time:? (this is a must; each week you should have time put aside to let your brain and body relax. Do NOT skip this)
  • Cleaning and laundry - Time:? (cause girl you can’t be wearing panties from yesterday again)
  • What other high priority basics do you have?

Here's some typical first thought reactions to this:

This isn’t important. Those things should flex around my goals not the other way around. Why should we structure it this way?

-You don’t fully realize how not having time put aside to complete these tasks actually weigh on your mind and adds stress to your life. A cluttered home makes it harder for you to have a clear mind to focus on what you're trying to do. Knowing that you have no groceries and no idea what to eat for dinner puts a layer of frustration in your mind to have to figure it out. If you can make these things a priority to have time dedicated to them, you can peacefully focus the time you have left over on your goals. You won’t feel guilty for focusing that left over time on you because you’ve made sure that other responsibilities are taken care of.

What if I don’t have much time left over after those basics to achieve all 3 of my goals?

-Then consider the timing of your goal. Is this the right timing? Maybe in this place of your life you should only focus on one goal instead of 3 at one time. (For Christians, this may lead to the question of did God say you should focus on that goal or did YOU say you should focus on that goal? If it's you and not God, you may want to reconsider.) Or maybe you can but the deadline you have for yourself may need to be extended to achieve it. Or maybe you’ll only be able to do a little bit a week and THAT’S OK. You’re still progressing. A small step is still a step.

My family/friends understand that I'm working towards this goal. It's okay if I don't have to spend much time with them right?

Of course your friends and family are going to smile and say they understand, but don't receive that answer as a way to feel validated to completely blow them off. Try to still make time in smaller ways. It may not be a 4 hour visit, but maybe instead it's a phone call or text to let them know that you're still important to them. Letting your family and friends know that they are still a priority to you with those small actions can make all the difference in preserving a relationship with them.

What’s Up Next: As you think of your goals that you want to accomplish, think about the Why. Why do you want to accomplish it? As an added bonus, watch Pastor Mike’s series called Stride. This series is AMAZING (and he’s hilarious too) to talk about making sure your goals are aligned to what God wants for your life. You might think you’re sure but this series may cause you to think twice!