Give Back

I believe in having more than just a career goal but a service goal as well. Always give back and hold the door open for others to walk through to success behind you. Below are my favorite non-profits that I support either with my time or money. I encourage you to learn more about them and consider supporting them as well!

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Setting the Standard enterprise

Setting the Standard Enterprise is an organization that focuses on encouraging young people to make excellence the standard.  They prepare and encourage high school and college students for life after graduation ensuring that they have a wealth of knowledge to hit the ground running in a career that they can love and be proud of.  High school students participate in group mentoring sessions in a 4 tier program to learn more about themselves, their career intersets, educational options, and job hunting skills. College students participate in the STS Elite student organization holding regular sessions to help students prepare for life after college via workshops, networking events, speakers, and other opportunities for their professional development.

This organization fully encompasses my philosophy of encouraging others to aim for more and holding the door for the generation behind us so that they can truly be successful in life.


st. jude children's research hospital

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital is a hospital whose work and research has touched thousands of lives of children who have cancer and other catastrophic diseases. It was started by Danny Thomas, an entertainer that didn't know a thing about the medical field. All he knew is that children and their families should be disqualified from quality medical care due to their race, religion, creed or ability to pay. To this day, patients and their families do not pay a dime for treatment, food, or lodging as Danny Thomas believed that the only thing they should focus on is the wealth of their child.

Danny Thomas is an inspiration to me as he pursued his dream of helping the lives of only despite his lack of skill in the medical field. It speaks to the fact that don't have to have the necessary skill set to impact change but just the heart and determination to make it happen.

first book

First book provides books and learning materials to schools and programs in need. They partner with educators and program leaders from around the world to ensure that children in low income environments have the right written resources to become proficient readers and to excel in their education.

As an avid reader with a deep love for books that started at a young age, I think that what they do is amazing to ensure that every child can learn and expand their education and imagination through books.


national civil rights museum

The National Civil Rights Museum is a must see if you ever make a trip to Memphis, TN. Their exhibits are engaging and interactive to paint a vivid description of the history of African American people. They not only have the amazing museum to tour, but host various events to further the education and progression of the needed work to solidify equal rights in America.

I have visited this museum ever since I was a child and I always learn something new with every visit. As an African American woman, I'm proud and grateful for those who paved the way before me so that I can have the freedoms and opportunities that I do now.